Where to Hire Thirty Yard Rolloffs in Albuquerque

household-dumpsteralbuquerque-pictureThe story comes from a time I had to renovate one of my rooms and needed to stash all the furniture and other stuff till the job was over. I knew little about dumpsters or containers, so I gave a call to couple of dumpsters companies in Albuquerque. One of these companies was owned by Joe Cashin. Once I detailed my requirements to them, I was informed that a 30-yard rolloff will be ideal for my job.

However, the problem was that I hadn’t had space enough on my backyard or on the front to place a thirty yard dumpster. So, I had to place it on the street. I was informed by the dumpster company itself that I will need to get a permit to put the rolloff in the street from my local municipality. So, I had to go and get this permit.

The dumpster was delivered in a truck by the company in the morning of the day my renovation job got under way. I had expected that the job will get over by 12-14 days, so I entered a 14-day contract with the company. However, I also made sure to ask them about charges that I may have to bear if I kept the dumpster longer than that. The company was very upfront about the charges. Since I hadn’t had any staff to discard (such as concrete, rubbish, etc.), no disposal charge was applicable in my case. However, I also came to know during the conversation with the company representative that the company will carry out any such disposal job if needed. The charge for the same would depend on a few factors, among them the weight of the stuff, the distance of the garbage disposal land from the location, etc.

Before I went for Joe’s company, I had also made sure to collect quotes from two other companies who delivered thirty yard dumpsters in Albuquerque. However, I found the charges and the terms easiest with Joe’s, so I went with them. I was specified by the company upfront that 30 yard rolloffs are designed for a maximum of 4 tons of stuff.

I was also told by the company staff that they will need to place the container at a place  with a clear drive-by. Again, since I was placing the dumpster on the street itself, there was no problem with that. But about that, I also needed to make sure that the container is placed in a manner so that there is enough space for other vehicles to pass by. The staff from municipality also informed me the same, and I was told that they will only okay the permit once they have inspected the premises and decided that the container was placed in the right manner.

I also needed to buy aroll-off-dumpsteralbuquerque-image few traffic cones to place around the container for the sake of safety of the drivers and the workers. The whole process went off smoothly enough and at the end of the job, the container was picked up by the company truck as agreed upon previously. The experience of working with the company was very agreeable and I have since referred the company to at least two of my friends who wanted rolloffs for some renovation or demolition jobs of their own. I also know that both of them had come to rent dumpsters from the same company and were happy with their services.

So, all in all, it was an agreeable affair, and I will surely hire the services of the company for any future job where I may need a dumpster delivery. I had come to know during the initial conversation that the company delivers 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard rolloffs for all kinds of construction and other jobs and also provide disposal services. I strongly refer the company to anyone needing similar services in Albuquerque.

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